Backorders/Out of stock Items - we have changed things so you can order things that are out of stock.

We accept orders for things that are out of stock. However we will not ship you order to you until we can send it to you all at once. We will hold on to you order until everything on it is available.

  • If you want something urgently only order it if it is in stock
  • If you want something that is out of stock then order it and we will add it to our next monthly order from VEX.
  • If you mix in stock items with out of stock items your order will be held until everything is in stock.
  • We will need payment even though the backorder has not been delivered.
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VEX PRO - 3.25 omni wheel

Stock: 1

Omni-Directional wheels roll forward like normal wheels, but slide sideways with almost no friction (no skidding during turns). ...

Price (excl. GST)$33.71
Sales price: $33.71
Tax amount:

VEX PRO - CAN Connector (5-pack)

Stock: 1

The CAN Connector joins together two CAN devices. For devices that support a CAN bus (such as the Talon SRX), the CAN Connector ...

Price (excl. GST)$34.65
Sales price: $34.65
Tax amount:


Stock: 5

The Talon SRX offers the latest in smart speed controller technology compressed into a robust, compact package. This latest ...

Price (excl. GST)$152.36
Sales price: $152.36
Tax amount:

VEX PRO Talon SRX Data Cable (4-Pack)

Stock: 2

This 12" long cable contains female 2x5 pin data connections on either end to help facilitate Talon SRX external inputs. It can ...

Price (excl. GST)$28.35
Sales price: $28.35
Tax amount:

VEX PRO Talon SRX Encoder Breakout Board

Stock: 4

This breakout board makes wiring a quadrature encoder or limit switch to the Talon SRX quick and easy. When connected to the ...

Price (excl. GST)$21.00
Sales price: $21.00
Tax amount: