VEX IQ - Touch LED

The Touch LED outputs color and inputs touch

Smart sensor with internal processor and Red, Green, Blue LEDs
Glows in up to 16 million color variations
Constant on, off, or blink at any desired rate
Touch sensor for student interaction with robot and software
Supports event programming to simplify software
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Customize your robot with light

The Touch LED opens up many options for robot customization. The LEDs can be used cosmetically to simulate robot eyes, or just a fun way for the students to make their robot special. The LEDs can be used to indicate robot modes, the status of a button or the state of a software function.

A new way to interact with robots

The Touch input adds another dimension to robot interaction and software programming. Touching the button could change the way the robot works, change the color of the LED, or even show the color that the Color Sensor is currently seeing.

Please note this motor does not come with a Smart Cable 228-2780. These need to be purchased separately

Technical Specifications

Kit Contents (1) Color LED
Function Colour Functions:
Set colour by name
Set colour by hue
Set colour by RGB values

Touch Functions:
Get touch input
Alert on touch input