On-Field Robot Expansion Sizing Tool

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The On-Field Robot Expansion Sizing Tool is the next generation of the Robot Sizing Tool. Use this product to inspect inspect ...

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8' x 8' Field Perimeter Kit

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For those playing a game other than Swept Away, the 8x8 field perimeter is available for purchase separately. This perimeter ...

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Classroom Competition Field Kit

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The Field Kit - Designed for the Classroom 8 ft x 8 ft field perimieter Dividing Walls & Goals (12) Orange Foam ...

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Competition Field Corner Bracket (4-pack)

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These brackets can be used as replacements for the "top and bottom" plates which join the corners of the VEX Robotics Competition ...

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Competition Field Perimeter Kit

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The official VEX Robotics Competition Field is setup on a foam surface, with a sheet-metal and lexan perimeter frame. Inside this ...

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Competition Field Tile Kit

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VRC Foam Field Surface. Kit comes with enough 2' x 2' interlocking foam tiles to fill one standard sized VEX Robotics Competition ...

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Field Perimeter Rubber Foot (20-pack)

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Give your field a leg up. These rubber feet are distributed along the bottom edges of a VEX EDR field perimeter, thereby raising ...

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On Field Sizing Tool

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The On Field Robot Sizing Tool is designed to quickly inspect whether or not a VEX Robotics Competition Robot fits into the 18" ...

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Safety Glasses

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Safety glasses (ANSI Z87 high impact glasses) comes in one of six assorted colors: Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange and Black. ...

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VEX IQ - Challenge Half Field Perimeter and tiles

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Half of a field perimeter and tiles for the VEX IQ Challenge. Exactly half of the official IQ Challenge perimeter and ...

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VEX IQ - Cube Kit

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A set of 3-inch cubes that can be used as part of VEX IQ Challenge Highrise, to build a color-sorter, or disassembled and used on ...

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VEX IQ - VIQC Blank Team Number Plaque

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Blank Team Number Plaque for teams competing in the VEX IQ Challenge. Customizable plate allows teams to personalize their ...

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VEXnet Competition Switch

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Use the VEXnet Competition Switch to enable/disable up to four (4) VEXnet robots. This switch also has the ability to toggle ...

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VEXnet Field Controller Kit

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A full set of controllers and cables for use with the VEXnet system and/or the VEX 75MHz Crystal Radios. Field control allows for ...

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VRC License Plate Kit

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License plates and identification numbers for teams competing in the VEX Robotics Competition. Red & blue colors serve as ...

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VRC Turning Point Game Elements

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Everything you need to build a complete VEX Robotics Competition Turning Point all of the game objects.

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